International Ordering Information

International ShippingFor our international customers, you will notice that there are no shipping charges listed on your invoice when you complete an order.

We will email you a second invoice (through Bluegrass Gunworks to process the export licensing) to cover the additional charges associated with your order. Shipping fees are based off of the address used with your order and we are required under ITAR to obtain an export license.

The majority of our international customers do not require an import license from their own countries to import a stock. However, please check your country and local regulations. Be aware that there may be duties and import taxes levied by your country even if there is no import license required. 

We use the United States Postal Service-Priority Mail International- (fully insured) for international shipping purposes.

The export license generally takes 10 business days to process from the date submitted. The license fee is 5% of the value of your order. As example: Your complete order comes to $300. The license fee is $15 ($300 x 5%)

There is an additional $18 fee to help offset our annual ITAR registration fee and the time to complete the paperwork, customs, etc.

As part of the export license request under ITAR, on the second invoice containing the shipping charges, there is an additional statement included on the invoice.

I, the above referenced purchaser, by my action of placing this purchase order with certify that I have complied with the import regulations of the government of my Country and that an Import Certificate is not required for me to import the items listed above and that they are for personal use on a civil use sporting firearm and that I will not divert, transship or re-export the items described herein without the prior approval of my Government.”

We will need you to print, sign, date and email us a copy (PDF, or JPEG) for inclusion with the export license request.