Need Gunsmith Services?

the-worksWhether you are looking to just have your Rock Solid Industries scope mount installed properly, or needing other services tailored to the Mosin Nagant and K-31, we have the capabilities and competitive pricing structure to fit your needs. For our dealers, please see our catalog for the dealer pricing structure.

If you are using any of the Rock Solid Industries mounts other then the RSI Scout Mount, you will have to modify your bolt with a bent handle. Our bolt modification service can replace your existing straight handle with a bent round, teardrop or threaded bolt handle.

If you’re seeking to improve the accuracy of your rifle, the most economical action you can take is shortening your barrel and having it re-crowned with an 11 degree target crown. Every Mosin barrel is different, but as a rule of thumb we generally recommend shortening the barrel somewhere between 20″-22″ before adding the target crown.

Threading is a very popular option to the Mosin. The addition of a muzzle brake greatly reduces the recoil and if combined with an upgraded stock or the addition of a modern recoil pad, you can greatly reduce the “mule kick” that the 7.62 round is known for with the Mosin. There are some great flash suppressors on the market, but AAC makes one that tamed the Mosin flame and turned it into little more than sparks you would see struck from a Bic lighter.

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Standard Threads: (email us for other threading options)

  • 5/8″ x 24 TPI (industry standard)
  • M14 x 1.0 L.H. Thread (used with the popular Tapco Ak-74 muzzle brake)