Difference between a Tactical and “SF” Tactical stock?

The addition of the monopod system to the butt of the stock is what turns a tactical mosin nagant stock into an SF tactical mosin nagant stock.

The monopod dmonopodesign originally allowed for only macro adjustment, accomplished by loosening the brass (we use brass to keep from marring the steel and creating “drag” points) knob and manually raising or lowering the monopod to help you achieve proper eye relief and a comfortable, consistent hold.

We have some great beta testers in the Phoenix area and at various military establishments around the country who have helped us develop this style of stock, including the monopod. One of the main adjustments to the monopod from their feedback was the addition of “micro” adjustment ability. We added a steel “foot” to the bottom of the monopod that allows for minimal incremental changes in elevation.

Photo: Major Pandemic “Ultimate Mosin Nagant Build”

It may not seem like much, but for long range, consistent groupings, the additional 3/4″ micro adjustment allows the shooter to fine tune their hold.


With their feedback we also made the cross laminated grip design a standard feature on our rifle stocks. Normally one of the weakest areas of the rifle stock, the cross grain lamination greatly enhances the strength, and pound for pound, is stronger than steel.


These are the comments from the special forces shooters that we have the great privileged to have worked with in helping us develop this stock that allows those on a budget to still be able to afford a 1,000 yard rifle.


This is a response to the question of how did the gun assemble?
“Not too bad, just a few thousandths here and there. And, I drilled out the pillar beds a few thousandths for temp expansion between the aluminum pillars and steel allen bolts. You should have a smile from ear to ear. Your stock has all the guys approval. For comfort, moveability, “ease of transitioning”, build quality, and aesthetics.
They really love the look of it and the design. They can’t believe it’s a BETA. “

“The other question I keep getting is how soon can they buy one?”
Note: Despite the wind and snow, our stock was able to compete in the inter-agency function against rifles costing many thousands of dollars, and below follows the after action report.


After shooting:

“It was the best personally owned gun I’ve ever shot. A bit more recoil than an M4, but less than an AK. It was an absolute joy to fire. It was the least amount of recoil we had out. And had the most power, velocity and accuracy of any of the Government Issue. Everyone was absolutely blown away with the stock. “

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