K-31 Bench Rest Tactical Stock (Laminate/Black)


A HEAVY K-31 Tactical Bench Rest stock. 5lbs 14oz (typical tactical is around 3 1/2lbs)

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We were tasked with creating a K-31 stock for use as a bench rest stock in order to push the performance of the already superbly accurate K-31 rifle. We felt that if we were going to set up and produce one for a client, we could spread the costs by producing one or two extra.

This stock uses a dense laminate to add weight, better absorb the recoil from the 7.5 x 55mm Swiss round, and the wider forend “rides the bag well” to assist with consistency.


Free floated barrel design

Adjustable cheek piece

Installed aluminum pillars

Installed Sling Swivels: 3/4″ wood screw studs

Remington SuperCell recoil pad

Finish: The laminate beneath the 3 coatings of Duracoat lightens it compared to our standard stocks.

Adjustable cheek piece: The cheekpiece is attached to the buttstock via a pair of steel rods and allows for more than one inch of vertical rise. The rods are securely locked in place with a 5/32″ allen headed set screws.

Fitting your rifle: The K-31 was manufactured with tight tolerances and excellent overall craftsmanship. This provides consistency with the receivers, allowing us to make the installation process much easier for the end user. There is still some hand fitting that needs to be done, but far less then with the Mosin stocks.