K-31 Figured Maple Sporter


We used a dyed red, pollywood inlay at the cross laminate joint.

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Standard Features


Free Floated Barrel Design:

Give your rifle an edge at obtaining the most consistent, accurate performance.

Adjustable cheekpiece for precise cheek/eye placement to scope:

The cheekpiece is attached to the buttstock via a pair of steel rods and allows for more than one inch of vertical rise. The rods are securely locked in place with 5/32″ allen headed set screws


Laminated Cross Grip:

The laminated cross grip has far greater strength and stiffness than comparable dimensional lumber/stock grips and, pound for pound, is stronger than steel and has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

The force from the actual shot travels through the continuous portion of the stock, while the cross laminated grips protect the integrity of the stock from pressures exerted on it other than shooting. 

Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad:

“Ten years of rigorous R&D has produced a recoil pad far superior to anything the world has seen before. So effective in fact, our Model 870 pump shotgun now produces 54% less recoil than competing autoloaders with their factory pads. Welcome the most effective recoil pad on the planet, the 21st century’s most remarkable development in recoil reduction. SuperCell.”