K-31 Green & Black Laminate Thumbhole Tactical


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ChromaPly™is a composite laminate using birch veneer that is bonded using our proprietary lamination process. ChromaPly™ is an ideal material for gun stocks and other applications demanding strength, stability, and aesthetics.

You will have a range of color shades within the laminate depending on how much of each dyed veneer has been left by our sanding process. From dark blacks to lighter grays, as well as emerald to lighter shades of green.

Standard Features:

Free Floated Barrel Design:

Many shooters are able to achieve one minute of arc with unmodified K31’s; a free floated barrel helps the shooter achieve the best possible performance.

Adjustable cheekpiece for precise cheek/eye placement to scope:

The cheekpiece is attached to the buttstock via a pair of steel rods and allows for more than one inch of vertical rise. The rods are securely locked in place with 5/32″ allen headed set screws

Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad:

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