Mosin Black Sporter



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Designed for your Mosin receiver and barrel

Do to variations among Mosin models, expect to spend 10-15 minutes with a dremel accounting for common issues such as a tang that might be a little longer or thicker, perhaps an off centered front lug, and other similar variations. Please review our “Installation Page” for more information as our stocks are designed to allow you to remove material in order to fit your specific rifle.

Free Floating Barrel design:
Get the most out of  your rifle’s potential accuracy 



DuraCoat is permanent. With normal use, a firearm finished with DuraCoat will last several lifetimes.

DuraCoat is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat was created specifically for firearms. Other firearm finishes are “spin-off’s” from other industries.

This is what many of our military customers swear by from their service in Afghanistan or Iraq, or even time down in Panama.

Often takes 30 days for a complete cure with Duracoat, but generally safe for shooting after 7 days.


Adjustable cheekpiece for precise cheek/eye placement to scope:

The cheekpiece is attached to the buttstock via a pair of steel rods and allows for more than one inch of vertical rise. The rods are securely locked in place with 5/32″ allen headed set screws

Narrower, Rounded Forend:

The forend rests easily in your hand, yet also provides a stable base when used in the bench rest position

Cross Laminated Grip:

After initial field trials with our SF Tactical stock, part of the feedback was a concern of the grip of the stock holding up under severe pressures. We came up with our cross laminated grip design.

The laminated cross grip has far greater strength and stiffness than comparable dimensional lumber/stock grips and, pound for pound, is stronger than steel and has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

The force from the actual shot travels through the continuous portion of the stock, while the cross laminated grips protect the integrity of the stock from pressures exerted on it other than shooting.

After hundreds of rounds under some of the most adverse conditions (including transport of the rifle) in field trials by actual special forces personnel, all of our tactical stocks will be shipping with the cross grain grips.

Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad:

“Ten years of rigorous R&D has produced a recoil pad far superior to anything the world has seen before. So effective in fact, our Model 870 pump shotgun now produces 54% less recoil than competing autoloaders with their factory pads. Welcome the most effective recoil pad on the planet, the 21st century’s most remarkable development in recoil reduction. SuperCell.”

Other Features Included:
Designed for patented Rock Solid Receiver Scope Mount

Timney Trigger Cut: allows the drop in of this great trigger system Mosin Timney Trigger

New Mosin Nagant Aluminum Bedding Pillars
These are a must for getting the maximum amount of accuracy from the Mosin Nagant rifles.

Installed Sling Swivels: 3/4″ Wood Screw Studs


Textured Grip:

We textured the grip and the fore-arm areas to help combat “slippage”,  particularly in wet or humid conditions.

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