Mosin Walnut Tactical-Bull Barrel Cut


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Standard Features: (high lights)

  • Installed aluminum pillars
    These are a must for getting the maximum amount of accuracy
  • Installed Sling Swivels: 3/4″ Wood Screw Studs
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece

Standard Features Cont’d

Free Floated Bull Barrel Design:

Can accommodate up to 1 1/8″ bull barrel

A free floated barrel allows consistent and accurate performance.

Cross Laminated Grip

Further strengthens the grip, creating the strongest part of the stock
Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad:

“Ten years of rigorous R&D has produced a recoil pad far superior to anything the world has seen before. So effective in fact, our Model 870 pump shotgun now produces 54% less recoil than competing autoloaders with their factory pads. Welcome the most effective recoil pad on the planet, the 21st century’s most remarkable development in recoil reduction. SuperCell.”

Timney Trigger Cut: allows the drop in of this great trigger system Mosin Timney Trigger