What is your Return Policy?
We want each and every customer to be satisfied with their purchase from us. Before attempting to return an item, or banishing it to back of your safe, please call or email us in order to see if we can’t find a way to resolve whatever issue may have arisen.
Custom Items
In the creation of custom cut/color/size rifle stock every effort is made to eliminate confusion and dissatisfaction. Sketches, scans, color samples/pictures are created to protect us from misunderstandings regarding product weight, style and size, etc. We also may require the customer to sign off on the rifle design/color/etc before work is begun. Though generally email confirmation is all that is required.
Custom graphics fees, rush fees and shipping on custom jobs are not refundable.
All custom items are non-returnable.

Products from our existing lines (stock patterns or items) are refundable less all shipping charges, foreign taxes and duties and any rush fees.
There is a restocking fee of 20% on all returned stock merchandise that is returned due to no fault of our company.

Custom items are not returnable.

Our stocks are created through a very precise, quality oriented manufacturing process. If however a manufacturing defect exists, please contact us so that we can resolve the issue quickly.


We make every effort to meet our shipping estimates. However, when one of our CNC machines go down and require replacement parts, or a load (often 30-40 stocks worth of material at a time) of lumber requires more time in the vacuum kiln to reach the required moisture content, etc. We will try and update you on any changes and ask that you consider the quality of the work that you will receive and that we try and operate our business out of cash flow and consider lending us a bit more patience before cancelling your order.

If your cancellation comes before the estimated shipping date, if we do not have a current customer whom we can “bump” up the list who has a similar order, we will have to charge you a 10% cancellation fee to help offset the material expenses.