Rifle Installation

Our receiver cut is patterned off of the early 1900 hex receivers. They were the smallest we’ve found. As such, there is plenty of stock material and Devcon that can be removed by you to get the custom fit desired for your rifle.
You want to have your front lug and tang sit flat against the tops of the pillars.

install mosin 1


I would expect to spend 10-15 minutes (but often less) “tweaking” to have your receiver fit properly. There is just too much variation with Mosin production to make a quality “drop in” stock.


Common Mosin Installation Troubleshooting:

Timney Trigger: The rear pillar has been cut to fit the Timney trigger. Hinstall mosin 2owever, due to receiver variation you may need to further open the timney trigger cut (one side or the other) to get the proper clearance to ensure the
timney trigger does not touch.




Timney Safety: The safety can have a factory variation or “bend” and as such, you may need to further inlet the safety cut to allow proper movement of the Timney safety.
(see yellow arrow above)


Front Lug: Some can either be further forward or rear, you can enlarge/shave the front lug area to fit your receiver.

A very common issue is an “over clocked” barrel, that comes from an over tightened barrel. Instead of modifying the front lug area, try removing some wood/devcon in the tang area ( a little at a time) till the receiver/barrel fits properly. Shaving the tang will cause the barrel to adjust to the opposite side (shave the left side to adjust barrel to the right)

A higher front lug on your receiver will generally not be noticed, and may only make your barrel appear “riding high” in the barrel channel.

A lower front lug on your receiver could allow the barrel to touch the bottom of the channel. This is more rare, and is easily corrected with a small washer.

If your receiver screws do not thread properly, you can make an easy adjustment by enlarging (reaming) the rear pillar or adjusting the rear pillar angle.

The front lug screw should be left alone as much as possible.



If minor adjustments in the rear and the front lug, and the barrel is still touching the barrel channel, please email us. At this point you will be better served drilling out the front pillar and having us send you a replacement front pillar that you can install with J.B. Weld in order to have the proper fit to your receiver.