About Us


About Us

The design of our hunting and target stocks  emphasizes consistent accuracy in shooting, ergonomics and reduction of recoil.

We utilize hardwood like Maple and Walnut, as well as C-K Composites ChromaPly® laminate for their stability and beauty.

BG Stock Logo Image 1A vacuum kiln is utilized to remove the moisture from the hardwood lumber until we obtain the moisture content we require. This helps maintain the stability of the wood through temperature swings and reduces the likely hood of “shrinkage” that can stress joints and pre-existing checks in the wood.

Each lumber board is hand sorted, marked for the highest yield while cutting around the knots, checks, fissures and other problematic wood grain structure.

The ChromaPly laminate wood stocks are actually the strongest and most stable of all stocks. Functionally, they are superior to both solid walnut and the synthetics and can be created in multiple colors.

The stock blanks end up on our CNC routers. The routers assist in reproducing Morgan’s hand-crafted designs (utilizing the 3D scan CAD design of the hand crafted original), and each stock is still hand worked to get the curves and feel that we desire-while the CNC allows for precision fitting of the cross grain lamination in the grips, barrel channel and receiver/pillar cut out. CNC | Kiln | Lumber

We combine the best of old world craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a top quality product at a competitive price that performs at a level that shooters demand.


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It’s free to register, and it gives you access to all the posted images and threads, I strongly encourage you to do so.


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